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When Your Kid’s Friend Drops the “F” Bomb in a Homemade Birthday Card

on 12 February, 2014

cussing-7Parenting conundrum of the week.  It was my son’s birthday party last week.  He just turned 9 and we went to see the Lego Movie which, by the way, was completely awesome and a must see for kids and parents alike.  LOVED IT.  All of the kids gave him homemade birthday cards that were, for the most part, so precious.  The themes of the cards were all the things my son loves–Legos, Minecraft, video games.  

BUT one kid who I will give an “A” to for effort for including a comic style birthday card complete with the talking bubbles.  He gets an “F” (literally and figuratively) for his use of profanity.  One of the comic characters tells the other “F*** You.”  My jaw dropped and I yanked the card out of my son’s hand, hoping he hadn’t seen it.  Though, I’m pretty sure he saw it because he reads as fast as I do.  Which now leads to the conundrums:

1. Do I talk to my son about it ?  Meaning do I draw attention to it because I certainly don’t want him getting any ideas despite my good intentions.  I don’t know about the rest of you but sometimes my “heart to hearts” backfire on me by putting ideas into my son’s head that weren’t there before.

2.  Do I say something to the other mom?  I don’t want to come across as judgmental and I know she will be MORTIFIED.

What to do, what to do?

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