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Three Summer Vacations You Need to Plan Right Now

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As a Mom, you are most likely an awesome planner.  We get enough practice.  We plan for our kids birthdays weeks in advance.  We keep all the appointments on the books, make endless grocery shopping list and keep our Pinterest account active with all the great things we want to do/cook/make this year.  But how are you doing on summer vacation plans?  Do you squeeze in one maybe two family getaways and call it good.  Do you think, as a Mom, this is what you’re supposed to do?

But it’s not enough, or rather, it’s not what you should be doing. Summer vacations are, arguably, the life-blood of, well, life.   They are what sustain many of us.  That an a nice glass of Pinot, but that’s another blog post.  Summer vacations keep us putting one foot in front of the other.   And, summer vacation planning is sometimes more fun than the vacation itself.   That sense of excitement, the sense of possibility.

Moms, you need to be doing more when it comes to vacations and I’m not talking more family getaways.  I’m talking a lifelong global vacation plan.  One that you adhere to, no matter what.  

Before everyone gets all up in my you know what, saying they can’t afford it, etc. etc.  I’m not talking week long vacations at some exotic locale, I’m advocating for the three vacation budget each year.  It can be a long weekend a few miles away, a short plane ride, or maybe one of those passport requiring exotic locales.  A summer vacation can be any amount of time, to any locale (as long as it’s away from home), to take a break from the day to day requirements of your life. Vacations don’t have to take place in the summer and stretching them throughout the year might be a good thing!  It’s not when you take them it’s that you take them.  I list them in no order of importance because they are all EQUALLY important.

1.  Getaway with Family – Clearly family getaways are essential, the grow the family bond, provide endless photographic happy couple on vacation in Europeopportunities, and provide life long memories.

There is nothing better than a summer vacation with the family near some water ideally.

Or, maybe now’s the time to plan that bucket list Disney vacation or cruise.

Do it right and use mickey's mvpa travel agent, their services are free and they’ll make sure to get you reservations at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the castle, an appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or whatever your little prince or princess desires.


2.  Getaway with Husband (alone) – This is essential and anyway you can make it happen you should.  I know finding someone to look after your kids for an extended time is tough but even if it’s just two days and one night somewhere, you will love it. If you make it mandatory, you’ll be looking forward to it year after year.


3.  Getaway with Friends – You love your husband, you love your kids, but your friends are probably the biggest part of your support network.  Enter the girlfriend weekend.  Celebrate being tFour beautiful woman are dancing on the old car. Green fields on the for each other, celebrate yourselves, re-connect and re-charge away from the kids screaming “Moooom” and the demands of dinner, laundry, and grocery shopping.  Forget for a minute that your a mom and remember that you are a woman, even better, a girl who likes to have fun and hang out with her friends!

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